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Hello Friends, you are very welcome in our blog and in today’s blog, I am going to tell you about joining such a website, on which website you get $ 63 Free.

Friends, all of you became very excited about how to get $ 62 as soon as you join this website. So friends, let me tell you that this is a coin of the website which is worth $ 0.003 dollar.

And friends, as soon as you join this website i.e. create your account, you will get 10000 tokens for free from this website, which is worth $ 63. And friends, you do not need to make any investment on this website, you can work in this website for free.

So friends, if you want to know how to get involved on this website and how you get a coin on this website, keep reading this post full.


Friends, it is very easy to join this website, so let me tell you how to join this website. Friends, first of all you have to go to the website and the name of the website is and find the link of the website in the last post.

Friends, as soon as you go to the website you get an option to start it, click on it and then a register page will come in front of you.

You have to register your website in the Registry page with your email address and your address and your password. Friends, in this website you will have to create a separate ERC20 wallet, which you can find its link at the bottom of the post.

Friends, when you are registering on the website, by entering the address of the ERC20 Wallet, you have to register on the website and if nothing is understood then the link to the video is given below which you can see.

You will get a mail from the website, in which you will get a link, clicking on the link you have to verify your email ID.

HOW TO GET 10000 COIN $63?

Friends, now you have to implement your KYC in that website. In the same way I have explained in the video, you have to implement your KYC in such a way that you can accomplish such a very easy way.

Video link HOW TO GET 10000 COIN = $63

To complete your KYC, you have to send your ID proof to this email ID., And as soon as you complete your KYC, you will get 10000 immediately, which is worth $ 63.


Friends, you can refer your friends to earn more money in this website. You can earn 1000 coins after each friend by referring your friends.

And friends, you can exchange whatever coin you get in Bitcoin or transfer it to any wallet.

Click here to visit website [Tratok.Net]

Friends is a great website, definitely join this website and post if you like it, do not forget to comment.

Thank you very much for reading this post.

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