Earn $10 Bitcoin Every day Free- New Mining Site.

Hello friends, you are very welcome in this blog and in today’s blog, I am going to tell you about a website that you can earn a bitcoin by joining.

Friends, the website I am going to talk about today is a bitcoin cloud mining website, by joining this website, you can earn bitcoins, that is also absolutely free.

Friends, you do not have to invest any money in this website. You can invest in this website but I will not ask you to invest. You can work on this website for free.

As soon as you join this website, you get 100 Gh/s power and free, with the help of which you do bitcoin mining. Friends or website has not been done and there is not much time yet, this website is launched OK and many people have joined this website.

So if you also want to know how to join this website and how to earn bitcoin in this website, then read this post completely.


First of all, let’s first tell the friends that this website is named OnlineMining.com. And this is a bitcoin mining website, Friends are very easy to join in this website. To get to this website you will get a link which you have to click on the link in the link to the last of the post.

After visiting the website, you will get a register button which has to be clicked and a register page will be front of you. You have to enter your name, your email address and password and register in that website.

After registering in the website, you have to log in to the website by entering your email id and password and as soon as you login to the website you will be assigned and received for free which will start mining your bitcoins.

Friends can invest in this website but I will not ask you to invest, you can refer your friends to increase your power, use referral program.

In this website, if you refer your friends on WhatsApp on Twitter on Facebook then you will get 15% income behind a friend, The more power you have, the more you will be able to mine bitcoins.


When you make a profit on this website, you can transfer it to your bitcoin wallet. When you have 0.0015bitcoins in this website, then you can transfer it to your bitcoin wallet before you do not transfer it to your wallet.

Click here to visit website [Online.MINING.com

Sumit, friends or post, you would have liked if you have any question in your mind, please comment.

Thank you very much for reading this post.

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